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India is my country. All Indians are my brothers and sisters. I love my country and I am proud of its rich and varied heritage. I shall strive to be worthy of it. I shall respect my parents, teachers and all elders and treat everyone with courtesy. To my country and all my people, I pledge my devotion. In their wellbeing and prosperity alone lies my happiness.

Bi-'smil'llah'r-rahmani' r-rahim (In the name of God, most Gracious, most Merciful)
(i) Most Gracious, Most Merciful; Master of the day of Judgement. Thee do we worship, And Thine aid we See Guide us to the straight path The path of those upon whom You bestowed Favours, not those who have invited Your wrath,
(ii) Say, Allah is one, the Eternal God. He begot none; nor was He begotten. None is equal to Him