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  • Mohalla Panwdhoi, Gughal Road, Jwalapur, Haridwar
Chairmen's Message


"Allah, enhances my knowledge"
"Education is a shared commitment between dedicated teachers, motivated students andenthusiastic parents with high expectations"

Respected Parents:
Pitiable is the nation who adorns himself with clothes of superior quality but does not grow cotton, Pitiable is the nation who eats every kind of food but does not concentrate to crop wheat and extremely pitiable is the nation who dreams for the best future, attractions jobs, high and superior designation for his children but does not heed to the best training and education of his children, and does not send them to good institution and watch their activities and company strictly.

Respected Parents: You have rendered and confidence upon us by selecting our school for the vigilant future of your children and we are busy by heart and soul to fulfill your confidence. We ensure you that CRESCENT PUBLIC SCHOOL will fulfill your desires, accomplish your resolution and realize your dreams.

Dear Students:
Time and tide wait for none. Passed time never retreats so value your precious time. Punctuality of time is even more important to school. If a student does not come to school he is deprived of education of the day. The value of every moment of time, the best planning of its correct use and then its implication is our daily life is the key of success. The students must respect their teachers whole heartedly.

Teacher's prayers from his heart take a student to the apex of greatness and enviable success. We can please ALLAH with prayers, we can please our HOLY PROPHET (PBUH) and the creation of ALLAH by serving humanity affectionately.

Let us save our children from chaos, dirty culture and western civilization rather brighten their future by ornamenting them with exemplary education that will touch their heart and soul.

May God help you and us in the realization of our dreams and destination!

Rizwan Ahmad
(Founder & Chairman)